Faculty of Education Policies

Administrative Policies:

Departmental Chair Mandate and Administrative Responsibilites
Education Faculty Ad-Hoc Committees
Education Faculty Admissions Committee
Education Faculty Council
Education Faculty ICT Committee
Education Faculty Library Committee
Education Faculty Nominations Person
Education Faculty Tenure Committee
Electronic Voting (E-Voting)
Faculty of Education Advisory Council
Graduate Education Committee
Hiring Policy
Mission Statement
Nomination Process for Department Chairs
Organizational Structure of the Faculty of Education
Professional Standards Committee Procedures

Undergraduate Program Policies:

Attendance Policy
Credit for Field Experience
Criminal Records Check and Child Abuse Registry Check
Extended Program Absence Policy
Education Faculty Admissions Committee
Out of Province Field Experience Placement
Process for Removal from Practicum
Professional Standards Policy – Undergraduate Program
Student Records Policy

Graduate Program Policies:

Academic Dishonesty and Misconduct
Administrative Structure – Graduate Program
Admission Policy – Graduate Studies Program
Advising Graduate Students
Appointment of Graduate Instructors
Attendance at Lectures and Practical Work
Course Registration Policy
Course Transfer Policy
Ethics Review Process at Brandon University
Graduate Student Status
Graduate Studies Instructors’ Guidelines
Guidelines for the Approval of Theses Committee Membership
Program Fees Policy
Program Structure
Requirement for Second Master of Education Degree
Role of the Chair of the Graduate Studies Program
Role of the Graduate Studies Program Office
Supervision of Practicum