Board Minutes

Researchers seeking permission to access BU Board of Governors minutes and other archival material for the period from 1938 to 1967 shall apply to the Secretariat Coordinator as described below.

The following guidelines govern access to Brandon University Board of Governors minutes and other Board of Governors archival material:

  • All those seeking access to Board of Governors Minutes (from 1938 to 1958 inclusive) or other Board of Governors archival material; must secure the written authorization of the Secretariat Coordinator. Therefore, prospective researchers must make a written application to the Secretariat Coordinator. In doing so, applicants must both identify themselves and indicate the purpose of their research.
  • All information relating to living persons must be regarded as confidential and publication of such material is only possible with the written permission of both the person concerned and the University. The authorization on behalf of the University is to be provided by the Director of Personnel Services.
  • It is also understood that fragile or otherwise endangered documents may be withheld from circulation on a decision by the Secretariat Coordinator.
  • On the decision of the Secretariat Coordinator, the researcher will be required to sign a declaration indicating his/her willingness to adhere to all existing regulations.
  • Those denied access to the Minutes or other Board of Governors archival material by the Secretariat Coordinator or those wishing to challenge the content or the application of the above may appeal to the Secretary of the Board of Governors whose ruling will be final.