Videoconferencing tips and etiquette

Attending a class or meeting via video conference is much like attending in person. Showing up on time, prepared and behaving well are all something we are accustomed to in person. When connecting remotely, the same applies but some things aren’t always obvious or clear in advance so we’ve collected some quick tips and pointers here.

  • Attempt joining a few minutes early to give time for technical troubles, much like leaving early to avoid traffic
  • If you are not speaking have your microphone muted. You know not to talk, but your cat/dog or doorbell doesn’t so muting your mic when not speaking is good practice.
  • Be aware of your camera being on and what it is seeing. Even remembering how you’re conducting yourself in front of the camera, as well as things potentially going on in the background.
  • Pay attention to how you are joining a meeting. Zoom and other videoconferencing tools at BU allow you to join many ways, but some might be better for where you are than others. For example, Zoom allows you to join by conventional phone call, but for most people the call in numbers will incur long distance charges. If you have a decent internet connection, connecting over wifi with the audio/video conference app is usually the best and fullest featured way to join.
  • Plan ahead. If you’ve never joined a meeting before or from your current device/location ask about connecting early or making a short test call.