COVID-19 Residence move-out FAQ

We know this is a trying time as you work to make last minute plans, we have had a number of questions so far regarding checkouts so I am sending out a few of the most common to try and alleviate some stress.  Please know that you can continue to ask questions by sending an email to

How can I get my mail that may already be on its way?

We will continue to deliver your mail until the day you checkout.  Please ensure that you check your mailbox on the day of your departure.  Any mail that is delivered to campus after you have already moved will be returned to sender.  We apologize and wish there was an easier solution, however we are not able to provide a forwarding option.

Can I have people come to assist me with moving out?

You are allowed to bring help for move out as long as no one that is presenting COVID-19 symptoms is in attendance. These symptoms include cough, fever and difficulty breathing. You will not be permitted to have anyone overnight in residence during the move out week.

What do I do with the meal plan money that remains on my account?

We are currently in discussions surrounding potential refunds on the meal plans and will send out updates on this as soon as possible.  Please check your BU inbox regularly (ACC students, check your personal email) You may still use your meal card for the time that you remain on campus.

Will I be getting a refund for my housing charges since I am no longer allowed to stay on campus?

We are currently in discussions surrounding potential refunds on housing charges and will send out updates on this as soon as possible

I emailed because I am not able to leave by March 22nd.  I have not heard back yet, what do I do?

If you are needing to extend your stay beyond March 22nd because you have exceptional circumstances, please do not worry.  There is no immediate action you need to take.  We will get back to you as quickly as we can, please just be patient, as there is a lot happening right now.  You can remain in your room, please ensure that you are practicing social distancing, washing your hands often and disinfecting as you are able.  The dining hall is open for you, and we will send out next steps right away.  The residence office will be open from Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 4:30pm and will be able to help you and as always if you need help after hours, you can call the RA on Duty at 204-724-2263.

I have stuff that I need to place in storage, what do I do?

Unfortunately, due to the circumstances surrounding checkout , we cannot offer storage to students this year.  You will need to make arrangements for all belongings to be removed from your room.

I have a parking permit, will I be getting a refund for the unused time on the permit?

We are currently in discussions surrounding potential refunds on parking permits and will send out updates on this as soon as possible

I already checked out of residence in anticipation of this, is there anything else I need to do?

Please complete the form located here:

You will also need to ensure that we know where your keys have been returned to.

Please let us know this via email at


Thank you all for your patience in this trying time.  Please be kind to the teams that are here to help you during this sudden and confusing change, we will do our very best to take care of you.