Athletic Field

Precedent: Athletic Field

Schedule 14: The Athletic Field

The Athletic Field is the largest open space on the Campus. It is the face and window into the Campus from Victoria Avenue and the south neighbourhoods. In the Campus Master Plan, the field is envisioned as a community magnet and destination. It is the opportunity to engage and draw in the community, other institutions, and the wider city. This open space should function like all other open spaces within the Framework, as an accessible, inviting, and flexible space. Its primary function is to accommodate the University’s varsity sports, as well as support a variety of recreational activities for the University, surrounding schools, and the community in general.


  • Enhance the field to standard field dimensions to accommodate Canadian football and soccer.
  • Enhance and frame the edges of the field with a row of canopied trees to define and beautify the space and create a more defined and attractive face to street. Fences should not be permitted to define the edge of the field open space.

    Precedent: Tree rows frame field space

  • Choose tree species that will provide a distinguished architectural form, a significant canopy, and a change in colour throughout the seasons such as a maple, oak, or elm that is hardy in Manitoba’s climate.
  • Consider opportunities to accommodate winter recreational activities such as skating, cross country skiing (across the Campus in general), or other simply for passive recreation such as building a snowman.