The Campus Quad

Precedent: Quad as a place to linger

Schedule 11: The Campus Quad

The Campus Quad is one of the primary open spaces within the Framework, due to its function as a central gathering space and student hub in the heart of the Campus. The space is an open green framed by Clark Hall, and by two of the key student destinations, the George T. Richardson Centre (the library), and the Knowles-Douglas Student Union Centre. The quad is intended to provide a high level of flexibility in terms of use and activity, accommodating a wide range of both active and passive recreation. It is also intended to function as the ceremonial space for the Campus, as the place to convocate, hold large gatherings, and host University and community events. When there is nothing programmed for the Quad, it functions as a place to sit and enjoy the outdoors in the summer, locate temporary art displays, and throw a frisbee. It is also the place to iceskate, throw snowballs, or build a temporary warming hut in the winter.


  • The Quad should be visible and accessible from 18th Avenue as a welcoming and animated open space fronting the Campus, to draw the community in.
  • The Quad should be designed as an open grassed area with pathways that link to building entrances and pedestrian circulation routes.
  • Existing and new trees should define its edges and frame the space, providing opportunities to enjoy the space in the shade.
  • Permanent or fixed seating could be provided along the edges of the Quad but not within the space, to allow for the highest degree of flexibility in use.
  • Precedent: Open area to allow for the highest degree of flexible use year round.

    The design of the Quad should be integrated in the design of the adjacent plazas so that it feels like a larger contiguous space.

  • The space should be designed such that a portion of it can be flooded during the winter for skating.
  • Electrical conduits for music events and festival lighting should be considered in the design of the space.