Forest Landscape

Precedent: Forest Landscape - natural heritage assets

Schedule 09: The Forest Landscape

The forest landscape represents one of three significant open spaces that defines the heritage face of the Campus. This landscape, similar to the edge landscape, represents a significant remnant forest canopy. It provides a very attractive and bucolic setting for Clark Hall, the Education Building, and the Health Studies Complex. It is a very unique landscape that can function as a quiet reprieve within the Campus, which adds to the variety of open space experiences.


  • This space should be conserved, enhanced and identified as the Campus’ “forest landscape”.
  • All trees including existing evergreens should be limbed up to provide a minimum 6-8 foot clearance underneath the tree canopy. This allows for increased comfort and safety of spaces framed by the trees.
  • Provide clear pathways through to allow for a unique walking experience, and seating to allow for quiet contemplation and use of the open space.
  • Enhance the canopy with additional tree planting and as an opportunity to build and diversify the tree species on the Campus.

Precedent: Clear pathways and seating in a forested landscape setting

The Plan recommends increasing the overall tree canopy to create a more sustainable environment.