Internal Gathering Spaces

Precedent: Campus residences and high-quality materials

The demand for bright, open, spacious internal areas for study, learning, and socializing is changing the design of buildings. As such, the internal social gathering spaces within buildings play a key role the Open Space Framework and require design guidance in relation to exterior open spaces. These spaces provide additional opportunities to invite the community in and to be an integral part of the Campus.


  • All internal public realm spaces should be open, bright, and spacious to create welcoming and inviting places to study, linger, socialize, eat, and in some cases, sleep.
  • The location of these spaces should be along the periphery of buildings with a transparent face to allow for direct visual and physical connections to the external open spaces.
  • The design of the interior and exterior spaces should be considered comprehensively so they compliment each other in terms of materiality, and character of place.