Pedestrian Linkages

Precedent: Green corridor and pedestrian linkage with high quality landscape

Schedule 15: The Green Linkages

The Green Linkages are the pedestrian passageways through the Campus that are a key component of the circulation system, and contribute to greenery and a beautiful environment. They are typically key connectors between larger open spaces or are part of servicing routes through the Campus, such as laneways. The linkages are typically defined by trees, landscaping, and pedestrian-scale lighting to create a comfortable and safe walking experience.


  • The linkages should be designed with clear and unobstructed long views for ease in wayfinding.
  • Linkages should be well lit with pedestrian-scale lighting, and fronted by doors and windows where possible so that these passageways can be used safely at night.
  • Quality paving materials should be used to clearly define these passageways.

Precedent: Corridor with clear and unobstructed views, and buildings providing overlook