Master of Education Program

36 credit hour Master of Education Degree

Students entering the Master of Education degree have the following options:

  • Course route – Students complete 36 credit hours of course work in the course route.
  • Thesis route – Students complete 27 credit hours of course work and a 9 credit hour thesis in the thesis route.  Note (effective Jan. 12, 2018):  Once 15 credit hours (including the 2 core courses: 07.752 & 07.714) have been successfully completed, the student, in consultation with the department chair, may then begin the process to move into the Thesis route for the Master of Education program, using the M.Ed. Thesis Request Form.   Please refer to the M.Ed. Thesis Protocol for additional information.                
Specialization Brochure Program
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24 credit hour Master of Education Degree (2nd M.Ed.)

Students who have obtained their first 36 credit hour M.Ed. degree from Brandon University may complete an additional M.Ed. degree, consisting of 24 hours in another specialization for a second M. Ed. degree.

Please contact the Graduate Studies office for further information at