Campus Antivirus Installation

Installing SentinelOne Antivirus

SentinelOne is the current campus Antivirus. It is licensed so that you may have it installed on any Brandon University owned computer.

This software should be installed by default on new computers. It may also have been automatically installed for you as part of the upgrade process. Otherwise contact us to arrange install.

Contact the BU Helpdesk at extension 500.

You can scan files or folders by simply right-clicking on them and choosing to “Scan for threats”

If you have SentinelOne installed, any other security software such as these programs should be removed:

  • Kaspersky Endpoint security software
  • Microsoft security essentials
  • Avast antivirus
  • Mcafee security scan
  • Norton security scan
  • Bitdefender
  • Spybot search & destroy

Having multiple antivirus programs installed can make computers slower as some of these programs will wrestle with each other for control.

You may be able to remove any of those programs through “Uninstall programs” (Win7) within the control panel of Windows. (To get to the control panel, click the start button and then control panel on the right side)

A few other programs you can remove (unless you know that you actually use them) are:

  • Ask toolbar
  • yahoo toolbar
  • msn toolbar
  • google toolbar
  • bing
  • babylon toolbar