Password Reset Instructions

These are the steps you may use to reset your password when you have forgotten it, when your password isn’t working, or if you want to change your password. Remember that any new passwords must meet all the password requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You have to configure your profile while you have access your account.

Setting up your password reset profile:

First open an internet browser and visit



  • Choose “Go to Setup Tool”
  • Enter your BU username and click Continue
  • You will be prompted to authenticate using your BU Username and Password
    • Enter you BU Username and Password
  • Click Continue
  • Once you have authenticated to the system it will ask you to create three Challenge Questions
    • You can use the predefined questions or you can type your own
  • After you have entered your Challenge Questions click Continue
  • Now you will be prompted to enter an Alternate E-Mail address
  • Enter a non email address as your alternate E-Mail address and click Continue
    • If you do not have an alternate email address click Skip
  • Next you will be prompted for your mobile phone number
  • Enter your mobile phone number and the Cell Carrier
    • If you do not have a mobile phone click Skip
  • Once that is complete you have successfully created your Password Reset Portal Profile

Using the password reset tool

Once you have configured your profile, then you may begin using the tool to reset or change your password. Choose the “Go to Change Tool” as in the image above. Then there are up to 4 choices you can use in order to reset your password. Click Continue once you have entered your information for your selected option.

  1. Authenticate with BU Username and Password
    • Select this option if you still know your password and you want to change your password
    • Enter your credentials that you use to sign into the BU Network
  2. Authenticate with Challenge Questions
    • When using this option you will be prompted for 1 of your 2 challenge questions that you have setup when you created your profile
  3. Authenticate with SMS (sends a text to your phone)
    • Click Send Pin
    • Wait for your text message to arrive (may take up to 2 minutes)
    • Enter the code you receive into the proper field
  4. Authenticate with E-Mail (sends an email code to the selected email address)
    • Click Send Pin
    • Wait for your email message to arrive (may take up to 2 minutes)
    • Enter the code you received into the proper field

Once completed you are presented with the option to enter your new password. Your new password must follow the password complexity requirements that are listed under “Password Rules”. After entering a new password that satisfies the Password Rules you can click “Reset”. The system will then process the password reset request and will report back if it was successful. If you get a failure during any part of the reset process please contact the Brandon University Help Desk.

Updating your Profile

You are able to use the Password Reset Portal to update your profile. Select “Go to Update Tool” and authenticate using the same process listed above. Once you are authenticated you are able to update the following options:

  • Challenge Questions
  • Alternate E-Mail
  • Mobile Phone Number

Desktop Application

There is an application available for your Windows Computer that will allow you to Reset or Change your password without having to log into your computer. This very helpful if you have forgotten your password and you are unable to sign into your computer. The application simply adds a “Forgot Your Password” option on the login screen, which you can click, if you have forgotten your password (shown in image below). Contact the Brandon University Help Desk to have this application installed on your Windows Computer.