Working from Home

Many of the information and computer services at BU can be accessed from off campus. Some of the most important resources are listed below along with instructions on how to use and access them.

As a reminder regarding security, in addition to the technology measures already in place IT strongly encourages users to access these resources from a private internet connection like at home whenever possible, as opposed to public wifi from locations like coffee shops or hotels.


As always, staff have access to email from the Webmail link in the upper right corner of the BU Homepage from anywhere they have access to web pages.

It is a good idea that if you are going to be working from home for an extended period of time to set an Automatic Out-of-Office reply mentioning that you are working from home.

Off Campus Computer access

From off campus you can still connect to campus resources from your laptop as though you were on campus by connecting to the VPN through Forticlient. Instructions for installation and login can be found here.

If you work from a desktop, you can also setup your desktop to be reachable from off campus. Instructions for accessing your desktop from home can be found here. Be aware this does include a few one time steps that need to be done while on campus prior to connecting for the first time.

Off Campus File Access

Files stored on the BU servers on the personal “N:” drive can be made available from off campus as well. BU has a new file sharing tool in OneDrive that allows access to files stored in it from any device, anywhere. All students, staff and faculty have access to a personal store of data on OneDrive. Instructions for connecting to OneDrive, moving N drive and other work files to it, and accessing those files from anywhere can be found here.

Video Conferencing


BU also has access to the Zoom videoconferencing tool, allowing meetings to be conducted over distance. Anywhere you have access to a computer with a microphone and camera, you can join a meeting in Zoom. Instructions for joining, hosting and booking meetings with Zoom can be found here.

Microsoft Teams

MS Teams is a new tool built for working at a distance. Communicate via chat, share files , and videoconference. It also allows you to organize by grouping a class, department or committee all together as a Team to keep communications within that group organized and coordinated. Microsoft Teams online video training can be found here.


You can access your voicemail remotely just as you do when you are on campus. To find the information you need do this Click Here.

You can also request to have your voicemail to be integrated with your email. To get more information on this feature please email the Brandon University Helpdesk.

You can setup an extended absence greeting for you voicemail box that will let people know if you are going to be away from your desk while you are working from him. To find out how to do this Click Here.