New Employee

What do I need to do?


You should have received your username and password already (through either the IT department or through your Dean or Director’s office.) If not, then contact your Dean or Director’s office to get in touch with us.

Here are some Helpdesk areas you should look at:

There are a few tasks you should perform when arriving for the first time in your office.

  1. Login to your office computer and change your password.  (at
  2. Connect to your voicemail mailbox and change your voicemail password, personal verification, and greetings.
    Finally, test your voicemail by calling yourself.
    Personal Verification is often overlooked. This is what people will hear when you call them and leave them a message. It is often still set as the name of the person who was in your office last.
  3. Find out from your department if you need to use the T: drive, find out what OneDrive, the N: and T: are for.
  4. Take some time to peruse our website for other features you may be unfamiliar with, and see some common problems encountered by others on campus.