PSAC Student Assistants I-IV Job Descriptions

Here is an inventory of the current PSAC Student Assistant jobs.

This list includes a wide range of jobs held across campus.  If you don’t see the job title matching exactly to the position in your area, please look at job descriptions that may be similar  before going through the process to have a job description evaluated.  If the nature of duties, range of skills, and level of qualifications are similar, the new job title can be added to an existing job description.

For instance, a Lab Assistant I has a number of alternate job titles; Lab Demonstrator, Lab Teaching Assistant or Demonstration Assistant.   You may be looking to hire a  Biology Lab Teaching Assistant.  That position would fall under the Lab Assistant I job description and the job title can easily be added to it.

If you wish to create a new position and are unsure about its classification, please refer to the following Student Assistant I-IV Qualifications Overview as it outlines the relevant general qualifications for each classification.

There could be an existing position with similar duties to a position for which you want to hire, with some notable differences.  By using that existing job description, it will help you to properly determine the classification for the new position.  For example, you might be creating a Student Marketing Assistant position.   There currently exists a Social Media Assistant (SAII) position.  The position you are seeking to fill must be able to use  social media channels but will also incorporate other avenues for marketing.  You can use the Social Media Assistant job description to guide you as you create a job description for the Marketing Assistant SAII position.

For  positions that do not align with an existing job description, a PSAC Job Description Evaluation (fillable) will need to be completed by the hiring manager and sent to Human Resources for review.

Student Assistant I-IV Qualifications Overview

Student Assistant I

Backstage Assistant SAI
Dishwasher SAI
Ensemble Assistant SAI
Equipment-Instrument Assistant SAI
Level I Marker SAI
Mini University Instructor Assistant SAI
Music Student Clinician Arranger SAI
Piano Maintenance Assistant SAI
Student Customer Service Assistant SAI
Student ID Centre Operator SAI
Student Library Support SAI
Video, Audio Streaming & Recording Assistant SAI


Student Assistant II

Animal Care Assistant SAII
Biology Lab Prep Assistant SAII
Gallery Assistant SAII
Greenhouse Assistant SAII rev 5.22
Instructor’s Assistant SAII
Invigilator SAII
IPC Room Assistant SAII
IT Helpdesk Assistant SAII
Lab Assistant I SAII
Laboratory Report Marker SAII
Level II Marker SAII
Mascot SAII
Mini University Camp Instructor SAII
Mini University Camp Prep and Instructor SAII
Mini University Photographer and Promotions Assistant SAII
Mini University Registration Assistant SAII
Music Digitization Assistant SAII
Resource Room Assistant SAII
Social Media Assistant SAII
Student Events & Activities Assistant SAII  rev 6.22
Student Library Assistant II SAII
Workshop Assistant SAII


Student Assistant III

Academic Residence Programming Coordinator SAIII
Ceramics Studio Assistant SAIII
IPC Summer Student SAIII
Lab Assistant II SAIII
Lab Demonstrator SAIII
Level III Marker SAIII
Music Education Assistant SAIII
Music Score Copyist SAIII
OIA Student Assistant SAIII
Peer Learning Support SAIII
Peer Wellness Volunteer Coordinator SAIII
Recruitment & Retention Assistant SAIII
Residence Programming Coordinator SAIII
Resource Room Manager SAIII
Senior Library Assistant III SAIII
Spring Summer Conference Assistant SAIII
Student Communications Assistant SAIII
Student Orientation Coordinator SAIII
Student Physical Education Assistant SAIII
Student Workshop Facilitator SAIII


Student Assistant IV

Academic Attendant SAIV
Art Gallery & Studio Assistant SAIV
Career Planning and Placement Student Assistant SAIV
Community & Student Engagement Coordinating Assistant SAIV
Group Tutor SAIV
Human Resources Summer Assistant SAIV
Level IV Marker SAIV
Mini University Camp Leader SAIV
Music Event Chaperone SAIV
Note Taker SAIV
Peer Coach SAIV
Seminar Assistant SAIV
Student Accessibility Services Tutor SAIV
Student Lab Leader SAIV
Studio Assistant SAIV (updated 07.2021)
Test Centre Assistant SAIV


Lump Sum Positions

Academic Residence Assistant
Spring/Summer Residence Assistants (updated 2022)
Student Residence Assistant