Basic technology requirements

Ensure you have the appropriate technology for teaching and working online

You’ll want to have a laptop or desktop computer to support your teaching and working. A webcam and headset/speakers and microphone is ideal for synchronous learning activities. While a smartphone or tablet is a good workaround for videoconferencing access, these devices don’t work as well for completing many tasks.

Laptop or desktop computer

  • MAC with OSX 10.11 or later / Windows 10
  • Extended warranty recommended for laptops and all portable devices
  • Webcam for synchronous activities
  • Headset/Speakers for synchronous activities

Internet Access:

  • Minimum 4 mbps recommended
  • 10 mbps down / 1 mbps up recommended for synchronous activities and if multiple users in same house (e.g. Netflix and Zoom running at same time)
  • Test your internet speed on or

Depending on your needs, you may benefit from higher-quality video cameras, microphones or speakers. You may want to explore professional equipment rather than consumer-grade equipment.