OneDrive – Setup and Access

OneDrive is accessible online with an internet connection.  Go to: and sign in with your Brandon University email address and password.

OneDrive for Windows 7/8

Use the online version.  Go to and sign in with your Brandon University email address and password.

OneDrive apps are available for Mac, iOS, and Android

Login to the appropriate store (eg Google Play or App store), the OneDrive app is free

OneDrive for Windows 10

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In the “Type here to search” box beside the windows icon, type OneDrive, a list of results will come up; click the top result (OneDrive App).

Note: If you do not find OneDrive on your computer: login to, download and install the OneDrive client here

The setup window will appear, enter your BU email address (eg.

Click the Sign in button and your OneDrive account will finish setup.

Click the Next button.

Important: If the OneDrive folder already exists, use the Change location option to set up OneDrive in another folder path to prevent file sync problems if you’ve already connected to a personal Onedrive folder.

Click through the welcome tips.

Click the Open my OneDrive folder button.

After completing these steps, you can start uploading your files to the cloud. Once your files are in OneDrive you can utilize the online version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc).

Moving your files to Onedrive

After installing Onedrive to your work machine, you can now move and/or copy files on your machine or your N: drive to your Onedrive folder. Your OneDrive folder will show up much like a USB stick just under the name “OneDrive – Brandon University”, and you can copy any files you like into it, again just like moving onto a usb stick.