BU Zoom Usage

BU has been using the Zoom videoconferencing tool for setting up distance and remote meetings. Here’s a quick guide for getting started with Zoom.

Booking a meeting

To request a booking with one of BU’s paid accounts, send an email to helpdesk@brandonu.ca with the meeting details like start date/time and end date/time. You will then receive an invitation to the zoom meeting with a link for the meeting and other meeting details. You can then forward that invitation along to all of your remote participants.

Joining a meeting

To join a meeting, you will first need an invitation. One should have been sent to you in advance of a meeting. Within the meeting invitation will be a link, and you can join the meeting be simply clicking on the link.

If you have never used Zoom from your device before, you will be directed quickly to either install Zoom from the App store, or on Windows/Mac simply be prompted with confirmation to proceed with installing Zoom. This process usually takes only a minute or two. Once that one time install is complete, you will be prompted for a desired display name in the meeting, and will join the meeting.

Just a reminder, although it is not required, it is highly recommended to have a microphone and camera on the device you are joining from in order to participate fully.

Free Accounts

You are able to create a free account with Zoom and you can access all its features, expect for one limit. You are unable to host Group Meetings longer than 40 minutes. Meetings that are just 1 to 1 there is no time limit.

To create a free Zoom account Click Here to take you to the sign up page.